6 Sunsebb 596 CY




The flood waters of Crater Lake have been beaten back, and the good citizens of Cauldron are sleeping easier. Even as we go to press priests work tirelessly to ensure our safety.

But the price paid has been a high one, as it has cost the life of one of Cauldron’s best known clerics, the high priest of the Church of the Righteous Cudgel, Sarcem Delasharn.
It has been a tense week in the city as rumours began to spread that the wands of control water, so vital to safety of the city in a rainy year such as this, had gone missing.
But disaster was narrowly averted when the wands were recovered at the last hour by the group calling themselves The Company of Seekers.

There is also word that the Lucky Monkey roadhouse south of Cauldron was attacked and ransacked. This was apparently where Father Delasharn was waylaid and brutally murdered. A bizarre gang of thugs laid siege to the old inn. It consisted of a number of members of a group calling itself the Alleybashers, miscreants who call our fair city home. There were also other mercenaries who had joined in, recruited from the surrounding hills. But most amazing, there were also several hairy creatures resembling the monkeys seen in the motifs of the roadhouse, but much larger. Some have called these monsters “baboons.”

This rag-tag troupe descended on the inn in the dead of night and set about a vicious spree of murder, killing everyone they could find. They apparently had knowledge that Delasharn would be there with the wands. The high priest fought valiantly, slaying dozens of the attackers, but in the end he succumbed to the attackers. The infamous Triel Eldurast, long thought dead after her disappearance ten years ago after she murdered three of her fellow guards, re-emerged and made off with the wands.

She retreated to a secret cave in the side of the mountain, a place fortified against all but the most determined. There she stashed the wands, for what purpose remains unknown. Perhaps she meant to ransom them back to the city at an outrageous sum when its citizens were at their most desperate.

But her nefarious plans were thwarted when her stronghold was infiltrated and Triel herself was slain. The Seekers claim that this time they have completely eliminated all enemies from the underground enclave, leaving nothing for the Stormblades to clean up, in contrast to their forays into Jzadirune and the Malachite Fortress.


With all the recent troubles that have afflicted Cauldron in the past months, there is talk around Town Hall that more guards must be hired. Since there is already a shortage in the ranks of the Town Guard, it is said that better pay will be on offer as an enticement. It is said that the Captain of the Guard himself, Terseon Skellerang, went to the mayor and put in the request personally, so important does he deem the need to be.

Where these troops will be found has yet to be revealed. It is hoped that an increase in pay might entice some reluctant citizens to take up the esteemed badge of public office and help see to the safety of their fellows. But if this is still not sufficient, could Cauldron see itself hiring mercenaries from outside the city? Such an occurrence would be unprecedented in history.
But with all the unfortunate events that have afflicted our fair city of late, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has indicated that the town’s coffers have dwindled. To pay for these extra troops, there will be no alternative but to raise taxes.

These extra taxes may well include increases to existing taxes, as well as new taxes to be introduced. There has been talk of an “Alien Tax” to be levied on all newcomers to our fair city. With the defeat of the orcs in the surrounding lands, some feel that there are sure to be a steady supply of these.


The social event of the season takes place tonight as Cauldron’s nobles, along with their exclusive guests, attend the annual Demonskar Ball. The event promises to be livelier than ever, now that more are able to travel to the city to attend. Be sure to see the next issue of the Cauldron Herald for full details of the night!

6 Sunsebb 596 CY

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