In chronological order

  • 25 Patchwall 596 CY [1 November] – The Company of Seekers meet with Sabian of the Foreign Office in Blue. The group is asked to travel to Cauldron to investigate the city and make reports back to Azuria.
  • 1 Ready’reat [5 November] – Arrive at the Lucky Monkey
  • 2 Ready’reat [6 November] 596 CY – Arrive in Cauldron, rescue Ruphus from some thugs that are part of the Last Laugh, the local thieve’s guild.
  • Many townsfolk are being kidnapped. Most recently four orphans were taken from their beds in the middle of the night. The Company of Seekers agree to help unravel the mystery. Begin investigation of the kidnappings.
  • Interrogation of Khegan Ghelve, discovery of Jzadirune.
  • Discovery of the Malachite Fortress, rescue a number of townsfolk, defeat
    Kazmojen. A beholder appears(!) and claims Terrem Kharatys, one of the kidnapped children.
  • Flood Festival – Cauldron celebrates the beginning of the rainy season. Many events throughout the city, some of which the Seekers participate in. Group observes Zachary II “win” a round of the Drink Down the Flood competition quite suspiciously. Baker does well for a few rounds but is eventually beaten by a gnome named Daisy. Enzo promptly hires her as staff for Oriel House, with mixed results.
  • Rescue at the Lucky Monkey. After Jenya receives a distressed sending from the high priest of the church, she pleads for the group’s help and they ride out to the rescue. Defeat Tongueater, rescue Shensen, but are too late to save Sarcem. Find a disturbing and strange necklace on Tongueater, containing the symbols of Hextor, Erythnul, and Vecna.
  • Recovering the Wands. After some research, learn that the mysterious red-haired
    woman who stole the wands is Triel Eldurast, long thought dead after killing
    3 fellow guards ten years ago. Skylar comes to the group with information and a request to accompany them. Enzo has learned that one of those killed by Triel was Skylar’s father.
  • 28 Ready’reat [3 December] – 8:00pm – The Seekers head out into the darkening, rain-soaked streets of Cauldron. Along the way they are accosted by a vagrant who comes up to them and says “He is coming! He is coming and the world will be changed! Prepare yourselves!” before running off again. The strangest thing though was that he had what appeared to be smudged coal dust all around and above his left eye.
  • Kopru Ruins – The group descends below Cauldron and discovers a strange, alien-looking fortress. Find Triel and slay her, but not before she takes Baker’s life. Recover 4 of the missing wands.
  • Raise Dead on Baker, return to look for more wands. Confront Skaven Umbermead, who kills Rashid before he is brought to justice himself. Skaven is missing his left eye, and has tattooed around it in black. Recover 2 more wands.
  • Raise Dead on Rashid, return a third time to try and find the last 2 wands. Discover Skaven’s chambers and find his diary. Take a load of books and scrolls, and recover another wand.
  • Find Tarkilar and a mouthy quasit called Gutterut who holds the last wand. The group returns with the last two wands.
  • After having some time to look through Skaven’s scrolls and notes, the group comes across some references to what they believe is the name that Triel and her band went by: the Ebon Triad. There seems to be an association between this name and the disturbing necklace worn by Tongueater, containing the symbols of Hextor, Erythnul, and Vecna. Nothing more is learned at this point.
  • 6 Sunsebb (8 December) – The Demonskar Ball. Wining a dining with Cauldron’s elite. The party meets all the movers and shakers in the city. Enzo gives several memorable performances during the festivities. Rashid gets a girlfriend and isn’t about much for the next few weeks.
  • Sentencing of Keygan Ghelve – He is to be imprisoned for as long as it takes him to craft new locks for everyone he’s ever sold one to.
  • Brianna leaves the group to return to Azuria and search for her brother.
  • Skie extends her favoured discount to the party, provided they continue to trade with her and tell memorable tales of their adventures.
  • Fario & Fellian visit, reveal they are friends with Shensen, invite group to dinner.
  • 22 Sunsebb [25 Dec] – Shebeleth Regidin arrives, takes over running of Temple of the Righteous Cudgel.
  • 26 Sunsebb [29 Dec] – Rashid’s girlfriend Gillian betrays him. The ranger is kidnapped, tortured, and turned to stone by a beholder. Seems she’s been working for the Last Laugh all along.

New Years Eve – 596 becomes 597 CY

  • Baker has a disturbing dream.
  • 5 Needfest – Andarra pays a visit, gives party a Stone of Sending linked to one in Blue, introduces Arithil the sorceress, who joins the party.
  • Enzo promptly sets out to woo Arithil, with better results than he’s had with all the other females he’s met up until this point.
  • New town guard half-orc troops are more visible, wipe-out a band of orcs outside of town.
  • Baker has a second disturbing dream.
  • Umber Hulk attack, Maavu Arintal is accused and is rumored to have fled the city.
  • 26 Readying (1 March) – Cusp of Sunrise – Mingle with nobles, meet with Celeste, introduced to Davked Splintershield.
  • Journey to Bhal-Hamatugn – Stop in Redgorge, meet Crazy Jared and slay a red dragon, battle a vrock and a 7-headed cryohydra, descend into the Underdark.
  • The party cuts a swath of destruction through the kuo-toan shrine, though Aushanna the erinyes nearly slays them. They slay a black dragon and most of the other inhabitants. Find Zenith Splintershield, who seems deranged and fights them to the death (well, to unconsciousness).
  • Return to Cauldron with Zenith, but Celeste is not there. Zenith is taken in the middle of the night by invisible intruders. The party is suspicious of Lord Vhalantru.
  • Terrem Kharatys has been taken from the Lantern Street Orphanage.
  • Daisy Tashykk joins the group.
  • Cauldron Tax Riot – Maavu Arintal reveals Alek Tercival’s challenge sent to the captain of the town guard Terseon Skellerang. The heroes save Skylar Krewis from an angry mob, and rescue Maavu from a breath-drinker. Maavu invites them to a meeting in Redgorge.
  • The same night as the riot, Minuta’s Board is set alight by two huge fire elementals. Many of the half-orcs hired by the city were housed here. Meet Zarn Kyass, the leader of the half-orc mercenaries.
  • Party meets with Jenya to discuss Alek, does some investigation to find where he may have gone. Purchase a hegemonic plate, showing clues to the spell weaver ruins in the Demonskar.
  • Go to Redgorge and meet the Chisel. They are also concerned about Alek and fear that his challenge may be used by Skellerang as an excuse to launch an attack on Redgorge and the Chisel.
  • Head down the Red River in search of Alek. Meet the movanic deva Nidrama, who tells them about the legendary staff of Surabar Spellmason, Alakast, and encourages them to rescue Alek. Reach Vaprak’s Voice, a place of rough caves inhabited by giants, and ancient spell weaver ruins with three half-fey green hags. Find Alakast.
  • Puzzle through the Starry Mirror, find Alek alive but despondent. Confronted by Nabthatoron, Lord of the Demonskar. The glabrezu slays Alek and leaves. Nidrama speaks through Alek’s mouth, telling the group to “trust the sign of the Smoking Eye.” They find they are in the Sea of Dust, hundreds of miles from Cauldron.
  • Babau demons attack the party. A human appears and helps the group fight. He has the sign of the smoking eye on his robe, and introduces himself as Kaurophon. He said he is there to lead the party to Occipitus, the 507th layer of the Abyss, in an attempt to pass the Test of the Smoking Eye.
  • Andarra comes and teleports the party back to Blue, where they do a full debrief.
  • Go to Redgorge, which is under siege by the forces of Cauldron. Fario and Fellian come to see the group and ask if they know anything about a recent attack on another adventuring group. Negotiate with Skellerang.
  • Skellerang is murdered, Zarn Kyass begins assault. The heroes slay him and break the siege. Later that day a female minotaur appears outside the walls and challenges the party.
  • Kaurophon plane shifts with the party to Occipitus.


Cauldron Azuria