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Authority Figures

  • Jenya Urikas, high-priest of the Church of the Righteous Cudgel
  • High Inquisitor and Arch Bishop, His Divine Holiness Shebeleth Regidin
  • Asfelkir Hranleurt, male half-orc, head of the Temple of Lordly Might (church of Kord)
  • Embril Aloustinai, female human high-priest of the Cathedral of Wee Jas
  • Kristof Jurgensen, male human priest of the Shrine of Pelor
  • Sarcem Delasharn, former high-priest of the Cuthberts, deceased


  • Sir Alek Tercival, paladin of St. Cuthbert
  • Lord Ankhin Taskerhill, possibly the richest noble in Cauldron
  • Lord Beswink & Lady Liorial Lathenmire, arms merchants
  • Lady Ophellha Knowlern from Hollowsky, to whom Fortuna bears an uncanny resemblance. Owner of the Cusp of Sunrise, a high-society club
  • Lord Orbyus Vhalantru, often inebriated, jolly patron of the Seekers
  • Lord Premiach & Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren, only somewhat-recently elevated to nobility, coming from more humble beginnings
  • Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi, said to be very rich and stylish and not afraid to show it
  • Lord Zachary & Lady Margaret Aslaxin I – Owners of the Coy Nixie, a high-class tavern and dancehall. He is the noble who opened diplomatic ties with Azuria

The senior Aslaxin and Taskerhill families are apparently not that cooperative with each other.

The Stormblades, kin of Nobles and rivals of the Company of Seekers

  • Annah Taskerhill, leader of the group. A bard, her father is Ankhin Taskerhill, one of the most powerful nobles in Cauldron. She is tall, with smooth dusky skin (Flan origin), sharp features, and a great sense of fashion.
  • Cora Lathenmire – Red haired, with several scars, walks with a swagger. Her family are arms-dealers, and own most of the blacksmiths in town.
  • Todd Vanderboren – A bit too thin for his frame, with a weak chin and long face that makes him look a bit like a weasel.
  • Zachary Aslaxin II – Son of the first. He and Cora are possibly an item. Doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with the others.


  • Barleycorn “Red” Trumpetfoot, male halfling, Cauldron Herald
  • Bjellkir Zanathor, human male, runs Zanathor’s Provisions, a general store
  • Keygan Ghelve, male gnome of Ghelve’s Locks, along with his rat familiar Starbrow, currently serving time for his crimes.
  • Maavu Arlintal, local merchant who rewarded the group for rescuing Coryston Pike from the Malachite Fortress, recently accused of causing trouble with a summoned umber hulk, rumors have him fleeing Cauldron only days before the party leaves for Bhal-Hamatugn
  • Phalian Gurnezarn, human male, owner of Gurnezarn’s Smithy, generally regarded as the finest such establishment in the city, and the only smith in town not owned by the Lanthenmires.
  • Razjem Yhoyas, male gnome Cauldron Herald assistant
  • Rivek Mol and Nazwyg Stoneblood, co-proprietor’s of the Drunken Morkoth Inn
  • Skie Aldersun, female gnome proprietor of Skie’s Treasury, the local magic shop
  • Tygot Mispas, male halfling owner of Tygot’s Old Things, specializing in nonmagical art objects and other antiquities
  • Vortimax Weer of Weer’s Elixirs, a cranky old curmudgeon who seems to have little patience for “youngsters,” and even less patience for anyone who tries to haggle his high prices.

Other Notables

  • Celeste – A noble from the Greyhawk area, friend of Ankhin Taskerhill
  • Tyro Amberhelm, male dwarven merchant staying at the Drunken Morkoth. Local leader of a group known as the Striders of Fharlaghn. He has told the party that he’s in disguise, and probably is something other than a dwarf. Baker and he seem to get along quite well.
  • Shensen Tesseril, female half-drow from the Lucky Monkey, member of the Striders of Fharlaghn.
  • Fario Ellegoth & Fellian Shard, male half-elves who helped out in the Malachite Fortress (rogue/fighter & rogue/cleric). Members of the Striders of Fharlaghn.
  • Zenith Splintershield – Last dwarven leader of the Malachite Fortress. Disappeared ten years ago into the Underdark, on a crusade to wipe out evil. Related to Baker.
  • Davked Splintershield, father of Zenith
  • Chester the mimic – Walking, talking chest sent to Blue


  • Gillian, female human, former girlfriend of Rashid, who turned out to be a member of the Last Laugh and betrayed him; current whereabouts unknown.
  • Kazmojen, male half dwarf/troll slave trader from the Malachite Fortress; deceased
  • Skaven Umbermead, male halfling wizard, who apparently had a breakdown and removed his own left eye and tattooed around the socket; deceased
  • Tarkilar, male gnoll huecuva cleric, part of Triel’s group; deceased
  • Tongueater, male half-orc were-baboon barbarian, origin unknown, but also working with Triel; deceased
  • Triel Eldurast, female human leader of group responsible for stealing the wands of control water; deceased


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